A family firm with decades of experience and unrivalled technical expertise

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Here's a whistle-stop tour of how we meet a client challenge, from continuous development to high-quality on-site manufacturing, via vigorous testing and the highest level of quality control. Follow the journey to an intelligent solution?

Key People

We believe in being smart with innovation. Real innovation is born of continuous learning and development, so we’ve built a team committed to the never ending search for not just the best, but ever better solutions.
Forgeway is a family firm at it’s commercial best – the flexibility of a conscientious and disciplined ‘Can Do’ attitude along with the stability of a long-term outlook. Right first, profitable second.

  • Lb

    A steady hand on the tiller with over 50 years experience in Law. Laurence heads up our legal and strategy.

  • Rb

    Managing Director
    Rod keeps our customers happy, old and new, with over 22 years experience in the industry.

  • Gb

    Technical Director
    Why everything we develop works. Glen is a mechanical engineer leading our R&D and production teams.

  • Db

    Key Account Manager
    Always at the end of the phone, Daniel has spent 12 years looking after our customers.

  • Eb

    Sales Support
    With a Diploma in Sales, Emil is already proving to be a great addition to our team.

  • Gc

    European Sales
    Putting 25 years of experience selling automotive paints, finishes and accessories to good use.

  • Cs

    UK Sales
    His 15 years experience in the adhesives industry means our domestic customers receive wise counsel.

  • Lp

    Marketing Manager
    Developing a strong strategy to ensure that Forgeway are market leaders in the industry.

  • Lb

    Marketing Assistant
    Ensuring Forgeway is found and heard, and that our well-earned reputation goes before us.

  • Ch

    HR Manager
    CIPD qualified with a lot of previous experience. Managing the HR function throughout the employee life-cycle.

  • Ah

    Quality Manager
    With a BSc (Hons), Aaron has more than 5 years experience of product development and quality management.

  • Ik

    Development Chemist
    BSc in Chemistry with over a decade’s experience in formulating adhesives.

  • Sm

    Development and Production Chemist
    The technical expertise we are proud to invest in to deliver the right solution every time.

  • Bb

    A reassuring 42 years experience in international banking and finance.

  • Ss

    Financial Controller
    As a chartered accountant, Scarlett works closely with management to ensure that the finance function runs smoothly.

  • Ss

    DGSA and Regulatory Officer
    MSci from Nottingham University. Experienced in product analysis and polymer engineering.

Presentation: Introducing our capabilities and team – important chemistry.

Consultation: If we had a magic wand, what problem would you like us to solve?

Auditing: A deep dive into operation and plant processes to identify issues and causes.

Testing: Substrates and panels etc back to our lab for adhesive and application testing.

Analysis: Processing our findings from audits and testing.

Prototyping: Working with our client on initial solutions, joint design etc.

Trialling: Thorough testing of concepts on client products in real life application scenarios.

Proving: Ironing out teething problems and streamlining processes to ensure efficacy.

On-boarding: Customer services team take over the day-to day care of client needs.